What are Spin Exercises?

We all have our own preference when it comes to working out. Some prefer outdoor exercises or sports, while others prefer indoor exercises or going to the gym. Each exercise has its own positives and negatives. Outdoor exercises cannot be done on winter season, unless you want to get frozen. Indoor exercises won’t get you anywhere.

Speaking of indoor exercises, one of the known indoor exercise is the spin exercises.

These are indoor cycling exercises. It can help in burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape. It can also be a great way to get into vigorous workout during winter season or rainy days.

There are many people who really like indoor cycling classes because they can easily get encouraged and motivated to push their selves to the limit. Indoor cycling classes are not about training and workout. It is about the intensity of workout, cadence and pedal rate. When you walk in an indoor cycling class, I know you will feel the intensity of the workout.

It is like cycling, but you are don’t need to go to places or worry about the weather. Like I what I have written above, each exercise has its own positives and negatives. Below are the positives and negatives of the spin exercises.


  • It is great in any ability levels. You do not in anyway need to be an expert to participate. No matter how intense your daily workout is, or if you workout at all, you can always join. You won’t be pressured to be keep up with the pace or exert more effort.
  • It allows you to train off-season. Since it is indoor, the weather outside won’t really matter. All you need to worry about is the intenseness of the workout and the effort you can give. The rain or snow outside won’t really affect your workout or cycling classes, just make sure it is safe to drive to and from the place.
  • It is an effective workout. Well, after you have done some intense spin exercise, you are bound to get sweaty, and as consequence, you will lose weight. If that happens, that only mean that it really is effective. After much sweating and effort you have put in during this exercise, you will see its effects soon enough.
  • It have different and changing routines, which makes every exercise unique. Now that, is one great thing. There will hardly be any dull moment on this workout. There will be no same routine, or if there is, it will be seldom. You can never know what to prepare for, because it can always change.
  • You don’t have to wear helmets. Unlike in riding bicycles outdoor, you will be required to wear helmets for your own safety. In indoor cycling, you don’t really need to be worried if you will get hurt. If you do it right, you will be safe and there are less chance of accidents. You don’t also need to worry of ever outbalancing, the casualties are lessen when you do indoor cycling.

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Cycling Tips

Have you ever gone biking to places? How does it feel? Did you enjoy it or did you regret even trying it out? Do you want to try it again? Do you often go cycling? How long do you usually do it? How far do you usually go? How do you choose the best full suspension mountain bike (read this reviews)? No matter what your answer is, you are probably interested in biking. You wouldn’t read this if you are not. Anyway, here are some helpful tips for the next time you will participate in a biking trip.

  1. Always wear a protective gear. These protective gears don’t only protect you from bruises, cuts or wounds, but protective gears can save your life. The most important protective gear is the helmet because it protects your head. However, wearing a best mountain bike helmet (check this list) and protective gears does not mean that you won’t get in any accident. You also need to use that head your helmet is trying to protect.
  1. Get the right bike. You should get a bike with the right frame. You should know the right size of frame for you and the type of material used. This is something to remember especially if you are planning to buy a bike. You should also consider the wheel size. Every wheel size has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to know which best suits you and your riding needs. Along with the wheel size and frame, the seat height is also included in getting the right bike. By knowing the right seat and seat height for you, you can become more comfortable during rides. You may not see the benefit right away but during long rides, comfort can make a big difference.
  1. There is no shame when you start slowly. People won’t say that you are weak or lame when you start slowly. You do not need to push yourself to the limit the moment you start pedaling. Starting slowly is the best thing to do when you are out of shape. However, when you start slowly, that does not automatically mean you are out of shape. It could also mean that you are warming up.

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Travel Is About Adventure

Travel, the way we see it, is about adventure, the kind you’re never going to find while sipping a daiquiri at an all-inclusive beach resort. These trips–from camping in a Colorado snow cave to scuba diving in Burma–will earn you bragging rights and possibly even a few bruises.


Spying on elephant seals in California

More than 20,000 elephant seals, weighing as much as 7,000 pounds each, haul themselves onto San Miguel Island twice a year–to birth pups in winter, shed skins in summer. You can hop a boat bound for Cuyler Harbor and take a ranger-guided hike to Point Bennett (14 miles round-trip), where observation points get you within 20 to 30 yards of the playful mammals. Island camping is allowed by permit, but for ultimate comfort, sleep on a live-aboard dive boat. Who: Truth Aquatics, 805-9621127. When: Best viewing, April-August and December-February. How much: $75 roundtrip transport; $125 per night on board. Travel advisory: The 4-hour crossing can be cold, rough and windy come winter.

Photographing polar bears in Canada

Just before the Hudson Bay freezes, polar bears lurk on the shores near Churchill, Manitoba, eager to hunt for seals. That’s when you have a chance to shoot (with a camera, of course) one of the world’s largest accessible concentrations of the white wooly bears. A professional wildlife photographer will be on hand to hone your camera skills and help you capture the moment. Who: Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris, 206-463-5383. When: October. How much: 9 days, with bunkhouse, $3,295. Travel advisory: Pack enough film, 5 to 20 rolls a day, and extra batteries (to replace frozen ones).

Tracking snow leopards in Ladahk, India

To study the population of endangered snow leopards, volunteers hike through the Himalayas at about 15,000 feet to find signs of the big cats (like claw prints and droppings), document the habits of their prey and interview villagers about their livestock practices and the impact of predators on their lives. This information is shared with the International Snow Leopard Trust to aid in implementing plans to save this creature. Who: Earthwatch, 800-776-0188. When: July-August. How much: 17 or 32 days, $2,495 or $4,990 (all expenses, including airfare, are tax-deductible). Travel advisory: For experienced backcountry campers willing to rough it for a cause.


Climbing in New Hampshire

It’s not called the Granite State for nothing. New Hampshire is home to classic rock cliffs, and at International Mountain Climbing School climbers of all levels can hone their skills. Beginners learn to belay, rappel and tie knots; intermediates work on anchor systems, route finding and multipitch ascents and descents; advanced climbers practice crack and corner climbing at the 5.7 to 5.11 level. Who: International Mountain Climbing School, 603-356-7064. When: Open year-round. How much: 2 days, from $220; 3 days, from $330. Travel advisory: Foliage season is popular, so book early if you want to go in the fall. Read more

Finding the Best Machine for Home Use

Elliptical Review

Looking for an elliptical machine online can be difficult because you will read countless reviews from different people with varying opinions. You will also need to think about the space where you will put it because it needs to fit perfectly in your house. It is also good if you can put it facing the window so you will have a nice view while working out. Before buying an elliptical for your home, you need consider some factors so you can choose the best option.

How to find the best machine for home use

Enough resistance level

For you to maximize your potential, the elliptical should have different levels so you can work on your progress. Most of the elliptical trainers have at least 16 levels of resistance and the more expensive ones have 20 levels of resistance.

Quiet magnetic braking

The majority of the ellipticals being produced today use a magnetic brake for resistance. The mechanism should be able to work quietly and smoothly as it adjusts to different levels of resistance. There should be no jerking or clurking.

Stride length that is appropriate

The length of the stride can vary depending on the brand and models, but a stride that is longer would be better especially for people who are tall.

Adjustable incline

You should be able to adjust the incline of the elliptical trainer because changing the incline can have 2 benefits for you. It will alter your stride length and also shifting the focus to work on different muscle groups. This will also give a variety to your workout.

Handlebars should be comfortable

It is important that the handlebars are comfortable whether they are stationary or moving because it is hard to keep working out if you are uncomfortable. Handlebars should also be comfortable because they can help you become more stable as well.

Easy to use controls

The incline and the resistance should not be hard to operate from the center console or even if the handle bars are moving. Actually, you should not have to stop just to make adjustments.

The warranty and customer service

The warranty should be at least 5 years for the cover parts and at least one year for labor. The one who manufactured the elliptical should respond quickly and accommodating to customers. Read more

Does the Flex Belt Really Work?

Does the Flex Belt Really Work?

The Flex Belt serves as a shortcut for anyone who wants to have flat abs, but without the hassle of having to go to the gym and going through all of those hard exercises for the core just so you can get your six-pack abs. That’s what this product claims to do, but not everyone is impressed with the Flex Belt. Maybe you will have a different opinion, but this article will discuss about how the Flex Belt works and if it really has significant results.

How does it work?

The device is made to make your muscles confused the same that an exercise does when done repeatedly. The body will get used to it and there are a lot of flex bely programs that do the same thing to your body to get maximum benefits. This product can be trusted to give you results and it is approved by the FDA.

Who can use this?

This can be used by everyone who wants to achieve six-pack abs because it offers a wide range of programs and settings that are made for any kind of body. This can also be used by a beginner or someone who is suffering from an injury but wants to stay in shape. It can also be an addition to anyone who is already having an active routine because it can be set to level 150 and athletes use it too. It also aids in lower back pains because it helps reduce soreness. Do no use this while you are pregnant because it might cause some complications.

Does it really work?

Most of the customers are saying that it does work and it helps in strengthening and toning their ab muscles, but some are complaining that they did not lose weight while using the product which the product does not claim to do.

Where can people buy it?

it is recommended that you buy it from the official website because it is quite an expensive product and you don’t want to spend a lot on something that might not be the real thing. Others are trying to copy the flex belt using sub-standard materials and will not give you the same results.


The intensity can be adjusted from level 1 to 150 depending on your abdominal muscles. You can increase the intensity as you go along. It is also very comfortable to use because you just have to put it on, follow the instructions and let it do its job while you perform your daily tasks. This is also safe to use because it has been approved by the FDA and the company guarantees you results after 4 to 8 weeks. If you don’t see any changes, they will return your money.

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As a working mother I always worry about my children’s health. There are times that I can’t be with them but we can’t blame ourselves right? I mean we work hard for them, we always want to give them the best of the best and how can we do that? We have to work hard. Good fortune means good life. But what would be the use of all our hard work if our children aren’t that fit to enjoy the fruit of our hard work? What do we have to do to make sure that we won’t spend our earning for a very, very expensive hospitalization and medications? Do we have to be with them 24/7? Of course not, you have a life and you have to make your life worthy for them. What you need to do is to introduce them to fitness.


            This part includes the holistic. We have to make them understand that every thing we do, we do for them. They have to believe that everything you say is the truth so you should show them how to do this. If you’re not a fan of exercise and vegetables, think again because kids usually idolize and look up to someone and that someone should be you. After all you cannot give what you do not have.

  • The first step to earn fitness is to introduce them to the greens. Make them eat vegetable too. Help them understand that they need to eat their veggies to be strong. Let them know that there are other food that they can eat other than chicken, spam and chocolates. Make sure that they drink water too, sure, they need juice (Freshly squeezed fruits), milk and coco (in moderation) but they also need to drink lots and lots of water to neutralize their temperature, helps nutrient circulates well etc. Help them understand that fitness is the key to explore happiness and they need to be healthy to conquer a long day of fun.
  • It’s not enough that they eat healthy stuff to be healthy, as the saying goes, it takes two to tango, to be physically fit, and one must exercise daily.


According to expert, children of ages 6-12 years old should:

  • Get one (1) hour or more of moderate and vigorous physical activities on most days if not everyday.
  • They should participate in several physical activities of 15 minutes or more each day, and
  • They should avoid in activity of two (2) hours or more not unless they are sleeping of course.


The question is how can we make them do all this? We cannot rely on physical educators to make them do all this stuff. And even if we engage them to sports like soccer or basketball with trainings once or twice a week that is not enough. The easiest way to make them achieve all the exercise they need is to let them do house hold chores. Whenever you have time ask them to help you with general cleaning. Make the do small task like sweeping and mopping the floor, make them lift slightly heavy things like their toy box (assist them with this), make them clean their room. These little chores can make them sweat and is also a good form of exercise. A beauty queen in the Philippines claims that she never goes to the gym but she cleans her house for exercise. And the best part of this is not only the benefits of exercise itself but the values you teach your kids while growing up. Read more

Scopes For Beginners

A Guide To picking the right Rifle Scope

Finding the right scope for anyone who’s a beginner can be very puzzling and can cause confusion especially if you have no one to personally guide you. You will walk inside a store and be offered with different kinds of scopes which you cannot even understand what the mean. This can be intimidating and will not understand what they are saying.

How to pick the right rifle scope


The scope should be made with non-reflective metal so that light will not reflect on your scope and animals will not be able to find you. The objective lens should be 4 x 32 which means that you will be able to magnify the target 4 times when it is closer and you 32 times when it is from a farther distance.


The lens of the scope should have a reticle with crosshairs and the type of crosshair you will choose will depend on your abilities and what time of the day you are going to use it. For a starter, you only need the simplest reticle and you can buy the more advanced one in the future. The reticle with a red dot is more useful at night because you will be able to see your target better with a red dot.


Do not get a scope that is too heavy because when you attach it to your rifle, it will only make the rifle heavier for you and you will also have trouble focusing if the air rifle becomes too heavy for you to carry. It should not be uncomfortable for you when using a rifle especially that you are only a beginner.



The scope should come with a warranty when purchase it. Make sure that it is waterproof, fog proof and shock proof. It should be shock proof because when your gun recoils, the lens of the scope might break if it is not shock proof. Your scope should be fog proof because it can get annoying when you are trying to see a target and there is fog covering your lens. You might even miss a good shot because of this. Read more