Beginner to the ukulele: 10 tips to progress !

The ukulele is a relatively easy to learn instrument. After a few minutes you will already know some chords. Due to its small size it is also the perfect instrument for children. To begin your learning, here are ten tips.

1 – Register now! You can not play and listen to you at the same time. To evaluate your progression nothing like videos, you will be able to realize your mistakes and therefore correct them.
2 – Listen carefully to the songs in order to reproduce them faithfully, there is nothing wrong with copying the seasoned musicians.
3 – Do not hesitate to play very slowly, it will be easier to accelerate when you know the chords and rhythm.
4 – Learn to read ukulele tablatures, it is a very easy way to transcribe the music since you are told when to play such chord or also for certain tablatures the exact position of the fingers.
5 – Train on a quality ukulele. The low-end ukuleles will tend to discourage you because the sound will not be satisfactory, it will hold the tuning, etc …
6 – The quality of the strings of your best ukulele is also very important. Ukuleles are often mounted originally with just good ropes to go fishing. Changing ropes can scare the most novice but it is a relatively simple operation.
7 – Take good gaming habits right away, especially when uke or how to brush the strings. For this you can “copy” confirmed players on Youtube for example.
8 – Videos from other players can also help you progress, for example on the rhythm of a song or the position of the fingers from one chord to another, do not just listen, watch the videos carefully.
9 – Be sure that your ukulele is always tuned, there is nothing worse than a badly tuned ukulele.
10 – Have fun! The ukulele with the reputation of being a fun instrument, do not change this.
So we have cover ed the 10 tips . Now, how to buy the best ukulele, if you are the beginner.

How to buy your first ukulele?

Har! Har! Again an excellent question. Logically, you would think of going to a shop that sells musical instruments. You are going to ask where are the ukulele and, if you are lucky, you are going to find maybe 5 or 6 who patiently wait to find a house. And in these 5 or 6 ukulele, half will be toys of poor quality.

So what to do next?

The best is to search on the net of ukulele sellers. Here are 3 links of very good serious e-shops: UkeBox, Exquisite and Musique83. I do not know of any others.

Beware of Ebay where some sell you anything and everything !!!!! Buy only professional sellers who are “PowerSeller”.

First of all, when buying your ukulele, check that the strings are of good quality. The best are the Aquila.
Perhaps you will want to take yourself an instruction manual with songs to play and strings. The little method of Cyril LeFebvre is not to my liking. I find the progression too fast and there is little explanation.In contrast, it has made another method larger in format, which I find better.

But, I will come back at another time on the methods, because there are many free!

A tuner is ESSENTIAL, unless you have a fine ear (which I definitely do not!). There are small ones that clip on the handle of the uke! You can also find programs to free download Ap Tuner.

Finally, a cover for uke is strongly recommended. The best are the rigid ones, especially if you travel, but to start, a semi-rigid cover will suit very well (that’s what I have).

There are also flexible covers. I recommend them to those who have no children or curious dogs, otherwise park at the uke !!!!!

Finally, if you are taking a solid wood ukulele, a humidifier is generally advised. Here you find how to make a humidifier for your cover.

Voila, I think I covered a lot !!!!!!
Good shopping and happy strumming! Have any comments? Do not hesitate to share them now!

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