How to choose your folding knife and pocket knife?

Want to buy a folding knife? Let me help you choose the best knife that fits your needs perfectly! You do not believe me? Continue reading and let me prove it!
Obviously choosing a pocket knife is very personal. However there are many things to consider in order to choose the knife that best meets your needs, such as … For what use will it be intended? Use every day? For camping? The Peach? The hunt? What kind of blade do you need? What a sleeve? Do you have restrictions in terms of blade length?
As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider but you are lucky …
How to choose your folding knife and pocket knife


In order to ensure that the knife you buy is of reliable quality, it is best to stay with the best known and established brands on the market. Economic brands often use cheap materials. The knife will probably look sharp and polished at first but after several uses, you may notice that the blade is already blunt and other impairments may surface.
By focusing on good brands such as Case, Buck, best spyderco knives , Gerber and others, you make sure you acquire a high-quality knife. Especially since you will easily find all the technical specifications of these reputable manufacturers with a long tradition of manufacturing and after-sales service.


If you are launched on a quest to acquire the perfect knife, you must know certain things. There is not an absolutely better knife than any other, so knowing the different types of pocket knives available should help you make an informed decision to meet your needs and keep it for many years.


How to choose your folding knife and pocket knife1
The basics are single blade knives, multi blade knives or a multifunction knife.
Single blade
It is a pocket knife that simply has only one blade. There is however a wide choice of knives with a single blade on the market, from small to large, from smooth to toothed blade. There are also many collectible pocket knives in this category.
A multi-blade knife as its name suggests does not have only one blade. There are many pocket knives that possess 2 or 3 blades, these are models that are often forgotten but they can prove extremely useful for certain tasks. Sometimes you need a big blade and sometimes a small blade, it’s always nice to have several options.
Multifunction knife
A multifunction knife or Swiss Victorinox knife are usually available with a multitude of tools except a conventional blade or two. They often have between 5 and 20 different tools arranged in a single knife. Among these tools you will find a smooth blade, bottle opener, corkscrew, saw, toothpick, scissors, pliers, punch, etc.
If you are looking for a knife to wear every day in your pocket, for those times where you are compelled to ask “Does anyone have a knife on it? Then a simple multi blade blade will do. A blade with or without locking will be sufficient in most cases but if you plan to use it for a more intense use, then choose one with an imposing and sturdy blade and a locking system for added safety. If you need it as a survival knife or bushcraft knife for hiking or outdoor activities, then a multifunction or multi-blade knife can be considered.


Most folding knives have a locking mechanism that activates when the blade is opened. The purpose of this blocking is obviously to prevent the blade from closing on the handle when you use it and therefore to prevent you from pinching your fingers between the blade and the handle. If this safety is important to you, then no doubt as to your choice.
As I mentioned, another way to decide is how you will use the knife. Occasional use for everyday basic tasks will not necessarily require a blocking system, unlike heavy use or for hunting, for example.
In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences.


A good pocket knife is built with either high quality stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless steel with a high carbon content or damask steel.
Obviously every steel has its advantages and disadvantages, so knowing a minimum of things about the materials is essential.

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