You have an old skateboard and you love it. You want to do it again as your new beginning. You want to become the best skateboard for beginners. If you want a skateboard that is as unique as you are, you will need an express representation on the boards.

But designed in the form might take a lot of costs. Make plans to do new living space and his style. Planned and dress appropriately to avoid dirt and oil painting.

This process can produce large amounts of sawdust, and can easily paint splashing on the surrounding area, or your clothing.

Make sure you are wearing old clothes, and put a tarp or drop cloth on any surface you wish to protect.
– Make sure the area you are working well ventilated. In an enclosed area, fumes from the spray paint can build up and become toxic
Disassembly of the board from the wheel. The truck and its related parts connecting the wheels to the deck of your ship. You will need to loosen and remove the four bolts on both trucks. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the nuts on the bolts by turning the nuts in a counterclockwise direction.

Then, pull the bolt free and set two trucks of your board in a safe place.
– Table older may have the bolt nuts it is difficult to remove. If the nuts on bolts truck you are against your attempts at removal, spray an anti-oxidizing agent appropriately.
Sand away the original design. Put your truck on the train on your work surface and make it to the top of the deck are face down. The current design on the bottom of your board will now be facing up. Use your electric sander with 40-grit sandpaper and use steady, firm pressure to completely remove the original design from your board.
Then, use 150-grit sandpaper to the surface of your board an even smoother finish. Smoothing takes about 5 minutes.
– Always wear protective clothing when sanding.
– Sawdust kicked in the air can irritate or harm your eyes, throat, and lungs.
– Make sure you wear goggles and a dust mask.
– Be patient with this initial sanding. In some cases, it can take up to 20 minutes before the design is removed.
– Avoid uneven pressure with your sander.
– This may result in you scoring board or a sanding uneven, both of which will have a negative impact on the consistency of your paint job. Free delete any remaining sawdust.
Use a stiff bristle brush or a lint / fluff-free cloth to clear away any remaining sawdust from your board.
Be thorough in this step.

If you missed the sawdust, it can cause lumps or other irregularities in your paint job.
– Avoid using a wire brush, or brush you think can ruin the smooth finish of your board. Repair any visible damage to your table, if necessary.
This can be done with wood carpentry class filled paste, which you can find at most hardware stores. Mix and apply pressure cracks and paste your chips in the table under the guidance of the paste.
In most cases, you should apply a number of stickers for each defect in the board.
– Built-in paste to be polished away after, so do not worry if your sub-block paste.
– Allow to dry paste as long as specified by the user; in most cases, it takes about 24 hours. Sand smooth the repair field, if applicable.

Again, use 150-grit sandpaper, using your sander to smooth the repair of your vessel. Apply firm pressure regularly sanding. It only took about five minutes before the timber side is unified with the rest of your sand table
Tape the sides and top screw holes of your deck. No ice on the sides and the top of your board can lead to drip or streaks along the sides and clamp of your board.

Use painters tape to ensure the free tape pull easily from the board.
– If you like the look of a board that is rough around the edges and difficult to use, just apply 1-2 coats of paint should disappear more quickly.
– Always make sure you wear eye protection and wear a dust mask when sanding and spray painting.
– The magnetic particles can both irritate and potentially harmful to your eyes, throat, and lungs.

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