How to Recognize the Contaminated Water Sources and Treatment Measures ?

Recently, public opinion is extremely bewildered and nervous about the state of contaminated water, especially in urban centers and other crowded areas. The polluted water sources cause not only challenging and inconvenient conditions of daily living of the all residents, but also leave serious consequences to the health and the economic development, social of each country.

Besides, the infested water sources are the leading causes and favorable conditions for outbreaks of severe diseases such as diarrhea, polio, helminths, encephalitis, trachoma, fungal diseases and so on.

Therefore a smart water filter equipment would be the optimal solution for the problems mentioned above. If you intend to purchase a good product to produce clean water, you need to determine how polluted the water source is as well as the functions of each water filtration system to make more accurate decisions. The following article will mention the reverse osmosis reviews and other related issues.

How to identify the contaminated water

The taste of water likes a fishy smell. Besides, the water color turns into yellowish-green in color when exposing to the air. That means the domestic water is contaminated with iron and alum. Put a few drops of tea water or latex of banana tree into the water source, if the color turns into purple, which means it is polluted.

The water brings strong odors and unpleasant smell like disinfectant, which is a sign of chlorine. Almost all the tap water is treated with chlorine and ozone at the watershed so that we often smell the odor in the early morning due to the remained chlorine odor in the water.

You may get shortness of breath or nausea when smelling the water because it is contaminated with phenol. Besides, if having any H2S in the water, there is a bad smell of rotten eggs.

There is a black film on the water surface as well as the plaque on the cookware, which is the sign of hard water (the water sources contain calcium and magnesium salts).

However, the best method is to bring the water samples to the specialized units that are equipped full of modern machines to test the water and give the optimal resolutions.
The immediate treatment measures
– Boiling the water before using.
– Not to drink boiled water after 24 hours (because after 24 hours, the boiled water would become contaminated again).
– Using activated carbon to filter the water.

Notwithstanding, these are only the temporary solutions. Because although the water has no color, no smell, no residue, it does not mean that the water source your family using for drinking and cleaning is pure and clean. Arsenic and ameba are substances that can not be detected with the naked eye and cannot be removed by boiling method.

The membrane reviews

With modern technology, the filtration system with different membrane below will eliminate the various types of particles and impurities in the water.

Ultrafiltration membrane
Ultrafiltration membrane (abbreviated as UF) can remove the small elements with the pores 0.1 micrometers in size. Therefore, the ultrafiltration membranes cannot eliminate the solutes.

NANO membrane

The NANO membranes (abbreviated as NF) are designed to provide clean filtered water and hard water softening. Furthermore, it can eliminate the chlorine, multivalent ions, the single-molecule organic matter and other contaminants completely.

Reverse osmosis membrane
Water purified by reverse osmosis (abbreviated as RO) can remove up to 95 percent of dissolved ions, and 99 percent of most contaminants. This system is compact, but it supports for users requiring 2000 to 12000 gallons per day water production. The device is fully equipped with the instruments needed for the reliable long-term operation.
Depending on the needs and purposes of using water, we have to choose the most suitable water filtration system with different membranes to produce the pure and clean water with the highest quality. Thus, the health of individuals, families and the whole society can be guaranteed.

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