You have an old skateboard and you love it. You want to do it again as your new beginning. You want to become the best skateboard for beginners. If you want a skateboard that is as unique as you are, you will need an express representation on the boards.

But designed in the form might take a lot of costs. Make plans to do new living space and his style. Planned and dress appropriately to avoid dirt and oil painting.

This process can produce large amounts of sawdust, and can easily paint splashing on the surrounding area, or your clothing.

Make sure you are wearing old clothes, and put a tarp or drop cloth on any surface you wish to protect.
– Make sure the area you are working well ventilated. In an enclosed area, fumes from the spray paint can build up and become toxic
Disassembly of the board from the wheel. The truck and its related parts connecting the wheels to the deck of your ship. You will need to loosen and remove the four bolts on both trucks. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the nuts on the bolts by turning the nuts in a counterclockwise direction.

Then, pull the bolt free and set two trucks of your board in a safe place.
– Table older may have the bolt nuts it is difficult to remove. If the nuts on bolts truck you are against your attempts at removal, spray an anti-oxidizing agent appropriately.
Sand away the original design. Put your truck on the train on your work surface and make it to the top of the deck are face down. The current design on the bottom of your board will now be facing up. Use your electric sander with 40-grit sandpaper and use steady, firm pressure to completely remove the original design from your board.
Then, use 150-grit sandpaper to the surface of your board an even smoother finish. Smoothing takes about 5 minutes.
– Always wear protective clothing when sanding.
– Sawdust kicked in the air can irritate or harm your eyes, throat, and lungs.
– Make sure you wear goggles and a dust mask.
– Be patient with this initial sanding. In some cases, it can take up to 20 minutes before the design is removed.
– Avoid uneven pressure with your sander.
– This may result in you scoring board or a sanding uneven, both of which will have a negative impact on the consistency of your paint job. Free delete any remaining sawdust.
Use a stiff bristle brush or a lint / fluff-free cloth to clear away any remaining sawdust from your board.
Be thorough in this step.

If you missed the sawdust, it can cause lumps or other irregularities in your paint job.
– Avoid using a wire brush, or brush you think can ruin the smooth finish of your board. Repair any visible damage to your table, if necessary.
This can be done with wood carpentry class filled paste, which you can find at most hardware stores. Mix and apply pressure cracks and paste your chips in the table under the guidance of the paste.
In most cases, you should apply a number of stickers for each defect in the board.
– Built-in paste to be polished away after, so do not worry if your sub-block paste.
– Allow to dry paste as long as specified by the user; in most cases, it takes about 24 hours. Sand smooth the repair field, if applicable.

Again, use 150-grit sandpaper, using your sander to smooth the repair of your vessel. Apply firm pressure regularly sanding. It only took about five minutes before the timber side is unified with the rest of your sand table
Tape the sides and top screw holes of your deck. No ice on the sides and the top of your board can lead to drip or streaks along the sides and clamp of your board.

Use painters tape to ensure the free tape pull easily from the board.
– If you like the look of a board that is rough around the edges and difficult to use, just apply 1-2 coats of paint should disappear more quickly.
– Always make sure you wear eye protection and wear a dust mask when sanding and spray painting.
– The magnetic particles can both irritate and potentially harmful to your eyes, throat, and lungs.

whole house reverse osmosis system !

Pure and safe water is an essential need of every human being and house hold in daily life. However, not everyone knows that the water coming out of her kitchen tap is not completely safe. The contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria can infiltrate groundwater as well as the rusted and corroded pipes can introduce impurities into the water lines, which enters the body and causes an adverse effect on health. Therefore, a reverse osmosis system is an excellent investment to produce clean and healthy water. Below is what a whole house reverse osmosis system can bring to you.

1.Removing contaminants
There is no doubt that there is a lot more than just H2O in the using water right at your house. The polluted water with unhealthy contaminants including lead, arsenic, copper, fluoride, total dissolved solids and the smallest particle.

Especially, excess levels of these in the body lead to the risks of diseases like increased blood pressure, muscle damage, even development of nerve. Notwithstanding, you can drastically reduce the unwanted materials thanks to a reverse osmosis system. The special membrane removes the chemicals, heavy metals and the vast majority of microscopic organisms that boiling water and ultraviolet light cannot. Hence, the main role of a reverse osmosis system is undeniable.

2.Safe for the patients
Obviously, the patients should have an intensive care and diet. This product filters out the tiny germs and microorganisms that can increase the risk of having an infection. The patients, particularly during and after their treatment, have weakened immune systems. So RO water treatment helps avoid any infection when using water, especially cancer patients.

3.From improving taste to save money
Sulphur-based compounds, dissolved minerals, and other impurities make tap water unpalatable and unpleasant odors, eventhe opaque look of water. Besides, it not only affects the taste of the food and drinks you make but also discolors it.

Instead of spending lots of money buying bottled water, a wise investment is a reverse osmosis system, which removes these substances and gives you clean, safe and delicious water.
Your household will have quality drinking water to use so that the beverages such as coffee, tea, and ice taste better with delicious, clean water with reverse osmosis system.

4.Reducing sodium
The large presence of sodium molecules in the drinking water at your home can further deteriorate the health of your family members, especially people who have problems with kidney disease, liver disease, or blood pressure. The RO system can wipe off the presence of sodium molecules in water.

The research indicated that the large sodium molecules could not pass through the membranes of the RO system so that the risk of any sodium restrictions can also be avoided when you make use of the RO system properly.
Another benefit of this product is low energy consumption. This means that a reverse osmosis system is to start and shut off automatically when the tank or similar containers is full of filtered water. This saves you from checking the unit as well as saves on energy costs and no water is wasted.

Besides, reverse osmosis systems are environment-friendly because it does not produce any chemicals during the filtration process while it requires a small amount of power. Furthermore, this system is convenient and easy to maintain. Because the RO system can be placed in the basement, the counter or on the floor with little space. RO systems are easy to clean compared to other devices.

One more thing is that reverse osmosis does not only produce pure drinking water but also serves for many other uses like washing car. Also, RO system can treat hard water that is known to cause spotting on the car in particular and vehicles in general due to the heavy minerals. Thus, we can cut on cost whenever you have your vehicles dried by using a reverse osmosis system to remove these impurities.

Again, you drink every day so that a pure and clean water source is necessary for a healthy body. However, you will have many choices when tap water is not clean even after it has been treated at a water plant. That are reasons why you should choose a whole house reverse osmosis system for refreshing water right now.

what is best shoes For Nurses In 2017 !

Buying new shoes is fun. Especially when it concerns a pair of heels or sneakers or the best shoes for nurses you wanted a while. But unfortunately, it often happens that your new shoes hurt if you go on foot. You have to catch them before they have adapted to your feet.

In this article, you can read the best tips on how to walk in your new sneakers, heels or boots quickly, so you go through the day without aching feet.

Thick socks Wearing Leather Shoes And You Reheat

Note: This only applies to leather shoes.
A simple way to stretch your leather shoes using thick socks and heat (hair dryer).
● Draw a pair of thick socks (two socks over each other) and press your feet into your shoes;
● Make parts of your shoes where it pinches warm with a hair dryer;
● Move your feet and toes as far as possible when you have been heating up the new shoes;
● If the weather is cold, you can repeat the steps above.
● If you’re in your shoes, get the feeling though more spacious with regular socks.
Wear Your Restrictive New Shoes Not All Day
If your new shoes hurt or irritate when the running you can wear it best not the shoes all day. For example, you can get new shoes even attract when you go to the supermarket. You can also decide to wear your shoes only at home.
Put on your new shoes after shopping again and pull your (older) comfortable shoes again.

Certainly, if you have a day off, it is wise to postpone the running of your new heels or sneakers.

If your shoes are already starting to feel better, you can wear them for extended periods. But the bill now and then off. One day your new shoes and the other day you hold comfortable lope shoes.

In short, occasionally walk on your new shoes not to hurt too much your feet.
Let Your New Shoes Stretching At The Cobbler
If your shoes are too tight, you can also decide to stretch them to a cobbler. Your heels or boots can be stretched already helps a bit to protect your feet.

The shoemaker can in most cases advantageous to stretch your tight shoes.
Of course, should you get used to your new shoe feet? Catching up remains necessary to leave your comfortable shoes.

High Heels Pumps Running

New high heels catching up is an art. Heels ask for more attention because you have to pay more attention, because (long-term) like walking can be painful.

Buy firstly heels that fit well. Namely, your feet swell when you briefly rises. If you want to buy such high heels or pumps, please note that. Buy not too tight, or it will catch up terrible and painful.
You can order your heels if you walk in stiletto heels buy some anti-pressure agents. So you have anti-pressure patches, anti-pressure patches, hammer toe cushion or soft adhesive protective bandage.

Smooth Soles With New Shoes
It is annoying if you frequently (almost) slips when you go with your new shoes on the road. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your soles if you bought new soles.

You can do a few things without worrying about your new shoes to go outside.

You can with a (very) slight sandpaper to the bottom of your soles barns. For example, your shoe rougher and have more grip; If your shoes start to feel better already, you can wear them for extended periods. But the bill now and then off. One day your new shoes and the other day you hold comfortable lope shoes.

You can also use a nail file to rub your soles. Nail files are never as rough as sandpaper;
If you walk in the street, then choose rough stones to walk in your new shoes. So avoid as far as possible the smooth stones (unfortunately often found in shopping centers).
Have a while walked on shoes, it’s time to clean your shoes. Read more about White Soles Cleaning Your Sneakers

Extra Tips When starting up Restrictive Shoes
Below are some additional tips:
● Buy your shoes at the end of the afternoon or evening, because of your feet than his most wide and long.
● Invest in a pair of shoe tensioners. Prefer wood because it absorbs moisture from your shoes. Shoe tensioners keep your shoes in a better model. Mainly works with leather shoes.
● Bring some deodorant in your shoes in places where blisters can occur to prevent this

Top best air compressor 2017 !

DeWalt presents a wide variety of best air compressor which are uniquely designed to meet the needs of professionals as well as that of the house owners or amateurs, who use air compressors for light works. DeWalt presents before you 14 varieties of air compressors, electric and gas, ranging from 1 gallon tanks to 80 gallons. They are categorized in three broad types, hand carry, stationary and wheeled air compressors. The website, clearly shows the various options in air compressors and also provides a side bar option to filter your choices by Drive, Tank size, Power supply, Tool length, Tool width, Tool height and Horsepower.

DeWalt, the company started in 1924 by Raymond E Dewalt, grew up quickly and today, it is recognized worldwide as a brand of power tools. DeWalt has always put in great effort to increase the quality of their professional and high end power tools. Today, they manufacture more than 200 power tools and 800 accessories. Their line of tools has ever been increasing and expanding. DeWalt now has 7 facilities building their products in USA: New Britain, CT, Hempstead, MD, Shelbyville, KY, Greenfield, IN, Cheraw, SC, Charlotte, NC, and Jackson, TN. They make a small selection their products using globally manufactured parts from Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the US. The products are assembled in the US and branded under the label, “Built in the USA with global materials”.

DeWalt presents one 80 gallon tank (ASME certified tank) air compressor which is generally used for industrial purposes or some serious workshop or garage use by skilled workers. This air compressor, DXCMV5248069:

• Delivers maximum CFM @ 175 PSI, which is enough power to operate more than one pneumatic tool at one time
• 5.2 HP, its 471 lbs in weight
• It has two stage compressor pumps with hardened steel disc valves, oversized taper roller bearings and a fully balanced cast iron flywheel
• The electric motor is equipped with pre-wiped and mounted magnetic starter which saves a lot of time and money
• For better performance it is shipped with synthetic oil
• The metal belt guards are designed so as to improve the compressor pump cooling by as much as 60 degrees F over the belt guard designs
• It is also equipped with a tank pressure gauge and on/off switch
If you have a need for a little lower specifications, DeWalt is giving another air compressor DXCMLA3706056, of 60 gallon tank which
• Operates on a horse power of 3.7 and uses gas as a power supply
• Has cast iron with twin cylinders and comes with an oil lubricated pump
• Runs on 240 volt induction motor for maximum and best performance
• Large capacity tank provides more air which further provides longer run times on air tools and tools like spray guns which are used for painting can be used for a longer while. They ship it with synthetic oil for better performance and longer, durable life of the air compressor

These are two high capacity tanks, which DeWalt manufactures.
Apart from these, DeWalt offers two air compressors who have tank capacity of 15 gallons. These are models, D55167 and D55168, who use a power supply of 120 volts. They come with a 30 days money back guarantee and one year free service contract. Some of special features of these models are:
• EHP Efficient high pressure technology delivers exceptional air-tool runtimes
• Oil free, maintenance free pump for convenient use
• Compact design allows for the compressor to be easily moved, transported and stored
• 2 inch gauges allow for an easy to read surface
• The 200 PSI max pressure allows for longer air tool run time
• 4.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time
• 78 dBA (tested per ISO3744) operational noise level for quieter work environment
The third air compressor, DXCMPA1982054 uses gas as a power supply. It has a 20 gallon cast iron. It includes an oil lubricated belt drive. It also has tyres/wheels for portability. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

The Rider Lawn Mower !

As soon as spring arrives, nature is awakening and our gardens will require all the attention! However the gardening equipment also requires an interview that should not be neglected.

With milder temperatures, the lawn does not fail to grow vigorously, which causes the gardener to take out his lawn mower after a long winter. Until the end of the autumn, they will be solicited regularly and ask for a special interview to extend their life time and effectiveness to the maximum. Indeed a well-cleaned mower allows a sharper mowing while avoiding that the motor is damaged when residues prevent the rotation of the blades. Given the price of some lawnmowers, it would be a shame not to maintain them properly! Read our best self propelled lawn mower reviews here!

For all those who have chosen a riding mower (or more commonly known as a micro-tractor), cleaning the guard and sharpening the blades all too often resemble the fighter’s course. The question often arises: how to access the blades of the microtractor safely?

If professionals often have suitable lifting tools (lifts, etc.), this can be more problematic for a gardener. The simplest and most secure solution is to use a self-propelled lawn lift jack (also known as a microtractor lift).
The conventional riding levers generally allow the front wheels of the microtractor to be raised by levering by a handle. This system which has proved its worth nevertheless requires a certain force, especially at the beginning,

when it is necessary to give the first leverage. Sport guarantees!
To allow all gardeners to clean their riding lawn mower without suffering aches the next day, there is another type of lifting jack: the lateral riding lawn mower. The principle is to tilt the microtractor to the side after placing the rear wheels on the jack. The effort required is minimal, especially when it comes to a hydraulic system: a few pressures with the foot and the rider is ready for cleaning. Simple and clever!

The position of the machine is stable thanks to a safety crutch which ensures that it does not fall. It is therefore possible to carry out the cleaning and maintenance in complete safety: replacement or sharpening of the blades after mowing, cleaning of the casing by jet or brush, etc.

The hydraulic lift is not very bulky and is discreet until its next use because it will serve you many times with sunny days!

Some safety tips
Before obtaining a self-propelled lift, make sure it is CE approved. The presence of this symbol gives you the guarantee that it complies with the European standards in force.

Do not exceed the maximum lifting weight of the jack, this could damage the equipment, be it the microtractor or the microtractor lift.

Avoid stretching under the microtractor during maintenance. The inclination of the machine makes it possible to work crouching to dimension of this one, especially with a hydraulic lateral lifting hydraulic lifter. No need to take unnecessary risks!

Using the lifting jack for thermal mowers
It is quite possible to use a lifting jack for thermal mowers without damaging them. However, some precautions must be taken, due to the presence of oil and gasoline, which must not mix.

The owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer of the rider describes the usual precautions, in particular for lifting the mower.

However, we can give some general recommendations to avoid any problem and clean your lawnmower safely:
Avoid gas leaks

Do not tilt a mower more than 45 °, otherwise gasoline may escape through the vents of the tank cap. (Self-propelled levers do not incline more than 45 °).
Always to prevent runoff, it is best to lift the rider when the fuel tank is empty.
Avoid mixing oil and gasoline in the carburettor
To avoid mixing between the oil and gasoline in the carburettor, each mower must be turned to one side.
The leaflet of the manufacturer of the rider indicates in the majority of cases which side of the mower should be leaned.
If a person no longer has the record, they can use the following reference points:
Lift on carburetor side. (Carburetor at the top, so oil tank at the bottom)
This is equivalent to lifting the riding car with the candles upwards. In passing, the spark plug cap can be removed to ensure that the blades will not rotate.
With this tool, riding mowers can therefore start the mowing season with serenity.

The heath benefits using recumbent bike !

Currently, many bike lines appeared in the market help to improve people’s health. In recent years, along with the increase of demand for tourism and convalescence, the establishing of recumbent bike brand hopes to create fascinating experiences. This product is widely used for all ages and genders, especially, the elderly.
The users can drive and lie at the same time to relax and go around the streets. Young people also use this bike to travel like Tom Richter, from Berlin, Germany.

The best recumbent bikes 2017 with the price range of $1000-$2000 and special functions will be the best choice for bicyclists. To help you know clearly about the product, I will show you some necessary information as following

What is the recumbent bike?
The recumbent bike is a kind of bicycle which the rider leans back and lies in the chair of the vehicle body. Using this bike is comfortable and taken less energy than conventional bikes because body weight is distributed over a wide area of the bike and has the back to support cycling.
In comparison with conventional bicycles, this kind has longer size with a reclined seating position having difference with upright seating position of regular bike

Heath benefits of recumbent bike
In the modern society, people have to face with diseases caused by weak healthy. Health is as gold, and it’s not simple to get it. There are many ways making a good health. In addition to a sensible diet, getting enough sleep and having good mental health, we must do exercise and play sports regularly.

Everyone knows that exercise and movement in a scientific way are beneficial to health. However, no one has conditions as well as time to do that. In this era, when modern transportation replaces walking and cycling, many people have time but are lazy to exercise. We will get many advantages with using a recumbent bike; here are some benefits, both in physical and mental health.

1. Improving cardiopulmonary function
The scientific experts believe that cycling can work out organs in the body comprehensively. This activity enhances the cardiopulmonary function and increase stamina, boosts metabolism and blood circulation and slows the aging process. Bikes are also said to be one of the best means to overcome cardiopulmonary problems.
Having activities for a long time can saturate blood oxygen, reduce varicose veins symptoms, strengthen the solid heart muscle and heart rate, and increase blood volume flow. As a result, the heart wastes less oxygen and have higher work efficiency during cardiac activation.

2. Enhancing physique and patience
Doing exercise by walking or cycling is a method to help date an improvement of muscle function. Regularly bicycling helps strengthen the leg muscles and is good for the movement of the hips and knees.
Gradually, people will begin to see a significant improvement in the muscles, legs, thighs, and hips. Besides, cycling is a good way to create stamina, because people love to ride a bike and they will not realize that more and more they can go further.

3. Improving mental health
Biking outside can stimulate psychological health. This type of moderate exercise makes the body excrete a hormone called endorphins β. Its effectiveness helps people get rid of anxiety, have a cheerful and healthy spirit.
Simultaneously, using full body during biking will help narrow the blood vessels and cause blood circulation. The brain consumes more oxygen to get more discerning minds.
The above is the benefits that the recumbent bike brings our life. What else are you waiting for? Coming to own it!

Despite the strong emergence of the motor vehicles and cars of famous brands in the world, the recumbent bike is still one of the most popular means for traveling or a picnic and widely used in western countries.
However, when using this vehicle in Asian countries, you can get a lot of troubles. In some cases, you lose control over the high traffic situation and the risk of making an

Top photography tips beginners actionable methods

You can’t learn everything in a day and it can be hard to process all of this information at once. That being said there are a few key points and tips recommended by professional photographers for beginners. I hope that you can take better shots with a best camera for food photography and these tips.

Top photography tips for beginners
Invest time
Read the manual, all cameras come with one and people rarely use them. Getting to know your software and you camera will allow you to be able to pick the right settings and find what you need – how can you translate what you want into an image if you can’t use your own camera?

Ditch the automation

if you are looking for a “point and shoot” then leave the automation settings on, but you won’t learn anything that way. Having the camera on the manual setting can help you clearly see the differences each setting makes, you can see how changing the aperture can over or underexpose the camera and how this translates onto an image. Manual settings also allow you more flexibility with your personal preference.

Be fussy

Don’t be afraid to take several shots or devote time to post-processing to make your image perfect. There are a lot of options available and if you aren’t seeing your image become reality then be fussy and stick at it until you get what you want

Spare parts
This is particularly important if you are used to travelling with your camera. There is nothing worse than finding a picture perfect moment and the battery going flat. Take spares and extra lenses or filters with you so that you are always prepared to capture the moment.

The one thing you can’t deal with in post-processing is an out of focus image because the raw data simply isn’t there to manipulate. Take extra time to practice focusing on different subjects, moving and stationary otherwise it won’t matter about the exposure, composition or anything else because the image will be useless.

Photo storage

RAW files take up a lot of memory so investing in a storage solution so that they are well backed up is essential. This also applies to getting a decent memory card that is reliable and can handle large amounts of data.
Large JPEGs
You should always aim to shoot in RAW from the camera as it creates a better image, however if you have left your spare memory card (see spare parts) or are running out of space there is a large JPEG setting accessible in the menu that allows for high quality JPEGs that takes up a lot less space on the card.
It takes a while to get a handle on photography and capturing images and angles in certain ways as well as a lot of practice (especially if you are in manual).
Don’t limit yourself to one type of photography in the beginning, practice taking photos of people, places, moving objects and you will find your own style and pick up unique tips and shortcuts of your own
It is a little known fact that DSLR’s (usually) come with a sound off function which can be particularly useful when trying to avoid scaring wildlife or when tlying to capture natural photos without startling anyone. This setting is available from the main menu under camera settings on most models.
Hopefully you should now be able to use your DSLR effectively and have greater understanding of the commitment and control that goes into taking a great photograph.

Do not be alarmed if it takes you a while to get control of the settings on your camera, just remember that plenty of practice and real world experience will make you a pro in no time.

You should also have all the knowledge you need to avoid falling into the trap of buying too much useless or unnecessary equipment and you should know the bare essentials that you need to get started which will help to minimize the cost as best as possible.

You should also be able to understand the best post processing software programs will suit you and the range of tools that they can provide as well as new modern software that can stand in for certain pieces of equipment.
Overall you will now be able to use the tips and tricks given to you to start taking photos with your DSLR and improve as you go. Photography is an incredibly rewarding pastime that can also be turned into a career if you work at it enough and can master the different techniques and a DSLR is the best tool to get you there.
Thank you for reading and good luck!

The best epilator for hair removal !

Epilators are beside the warming, cold waxing and sugaring the only method of painful hair removal. Because they remove the hair including hair roots.

How does an epilator work?

An epilator is nothing more than several tweezers, which simultaneously several hairs rip out. Because epilation is a painful, temporary way of hair removal. And yet a very effective – and with the right tips, the pain can be greatly minimized.

The best epilator 2017 breaks the hair roots and does not permanently remove hair – as hair roots can reform and new hair can grow.

Five golden tips for the right epilation

• Very many epilators are waterproof. Use this and earlier under the shower. The warm water simply tweaking/pain significantly minimized.
• Clean your skin before you use it, to prevent bacteria from getting thrown into your circulation.
• Apply after the hair removal with a moisturizing cream to take care of your skin.
• Tight / Loose thy skin while you remove your hair.
• Epilate always against the direction of growth!

Top 5 of the epilators

Since you are not supposed to buy any product, here is my top 5 of the best epilators:

Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa Epilator SE9-961e, with peeling brush, white/turquoise

• The best 4-in-1 epilator and peeling system: Fastest and most thorough epilation, shaving attachment for sensitive areas, two different peeling brushes for marvellous, radiant skin
• The new Silk-épil nine SkinSpa Epilator removes more hairs in one pull thanks to the 40% wider epilating head. Hair removal for up to 4 weeks irresistibly smooth skin
• The Braun Silk-épil nine Epilator offers wider, longer and deeper tweezers and removes even the shortest, finest hair that does not capture wax (from a length of only 0.5mm)
• Kabellose wet and dry application – with regular use the hair removal is almost pain-free
• The razor shaves and trims sensitive areas
• The blue body peeling brush peels your skin thoroughly so that less small hairs grow
• The lilac peeling brush gently, even in delicate areas, and provides a silky-smooth feeling
• In comparison to other brown epilators

Braun Silk-épil 5 Epilator 5-541, purple

• With 28 MicroGrip tweezers, the epilator even removes hair as small as an S and grain (0.5mm)
• With its non-slip grip surface, the epilator provides for easy removal and removal, even for hair removal under the shower
• The high-frequency massaging system stimulates the skin and ensures a relaxed experience
• Kabellose wet and dry application – with regular application the hair removal is almost pain-free
• Scope of delivery: Braun Silk-épil five Epilator / Epilator Plus four attachments: head, trimmer attachment, massage and epilator attachment
• With four attachments: head, trimmer attachment, massage and epilation attachment
• The particularly gentle wet and dry hair removal for up to 4 weeks long silky smooth skin

Philips Epilator Satin HP6420 / 00, white/pink

• Gentle tweezers remove hairs without pulling on the skin
• Washable epilating head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning
• Two-speed levels for gentle epilation and optimum performance
• Remove even 0.5 mm short hair
• Ergonomic profile handle for high comfort

Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilator 3270, Premium Pack with shaving head, trimmer top, and travel pouch, white/raspberry

• Epilator with 20-pincer system efficiently removes the hairs at the root and gives you a long-lasting silky smooth skin
• The Smartlight makes even the finest hair visible – for a particularly thorough epilation
• Two massaging nails gently glide over the skin and stimulate them before and even after the hair removal to reduce the plucking sensation
• With the speed control you adapt the epilation to your individual wishes; Captures and removes even the shortest hair – for long-lasting smooth skin
• Scope of delivery: Braun Silk-épil 3 3270 Epilator Premium Pack white/raspberry

Philips Epilator inch. Bikinitrile & Tweezers-Set (Special Edition) HP6540 / 00, 46 Watt

• Wireless Mini-Epilator for precise results
• Additional portable luxury tweezers with light and mirror
• Efficient epilation system removes hair with the root.
• Extra step for thin hair and hard-to-reach places


If you use these five golden tips, your hair removal is nothing to prevent. Because this type of hair removal is very effective – even if painful.

If you are looking for a cheap, painless alternative, then look at depilatory cream. I use them now just yet.

If you have a bit more budget and want a painless and permanent hair removal, then I can warmly recommend the IPL hair removal.