The best epilator for hair removal !

Epilators are beside the warming, cold waxing and sugaring the only method of painful hair removal. Because they remove the hair including hair roots.

How does an epilator work?

An epilator is nothing more than several tweezers, which simultaneously several hairs rip out. Because epilation is a painful, temporary way of hair removal. And yet a very effective – and with the right tips, the pain can be greatly minimized.

The best epilator 2017 breaks the hair roots and does not permanently remove hair – as hair roots can reform and new hair can grow.

Five golden tips for the right epilation

• Very many epilators are waterproof. Use this and earlier under the shower. The warm water simply tweaking/pain significantly minimized.
• Clean your skin before you use it, to prevent bacteria from getting thrown into your circulation.
• Apply after the hair removal with a moisturizing cream to take care of your skin.
• Tight / Loose thy skin while you remove your hair.
• Epilate always against the direction of growth!

Top 5 of the epilators

Since you are not supposed to buy any product, here is my top 5 of the best epilators:

Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa Epilator SE9-961e, with peeling brush, white/turquoise

• The best 4-in-1 epilator and peeling system: Fastest and most thorough epilation, shaving attachment for sensitive areas, two different peeling brushes for marvellous, radiant skin
• The new Silk-épil nine SkinSpa Epilator removes more hairs in one pull thanks to the 40% wider epilating head. Hair removal for up to 4 weeks irresistibly smooth skin
• The Braun Silk-épil nine Epilator offers wider, longer and deeper tweezers and removes even the shortest, finest hair that does not capture wax (from a length of only 0.5mm)
• Kabellose wet and dry application – with regular use the hair removal is almost pain-free
• The razor shaves and trims sensitive areas
• The blue body peeling brush peels your skin thoroughly so that less small hairs grow
• The lilac peeling brush gently, even in delicate areas, and provides a silky-smooth feeling
• In comparison to other brown epilators

Braun Silk-épil 5 Epilator 5-541, purple

• With 28 MicroGrip tweezers, the epilator even removes hair as small as an S and grain (0.5mm)
• With its non-slip grip surface, the epilator provides for easy removal and removal, even for hair removal under the shower
• The high-frequency massaging system stimulates the skin and ensures a relaxed experience
• Kabellose wet and dry application – with regular application the hair removal is almost pain-free
• Scope of delivery: Braun Silk-épil five Epilator / Epilator Plus four attachments: head, trimmer attachment, massage and epilator attachment
• With four attachments: head, trimmer attachment, massage and epilation attachment
• The particularly gentle wet and dry hair removal for up to 4 weeks long silky smooth skin

Philips Epilator Satin HP6420 / 00, white/pink

• Gentle tweezers remove hairs without pulling on the skin
• Washable epilating head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning
• Two-speed levels for gentle epilation and optimum performance
• Remove even 0.5 mm short hair
• Ergonomic profile handle for high comfort

Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilator 3270, Premium Pack with shaving head, trimmer top, and travel pouch, white/raspberry

• Epilator with 20-pincer system efficiently removes the hairs at the root and gives you a long-lasting silky smooth skin
• The Smartlight makes even the finest hair visible – for a particularly thorough epilation
• Two massaging nails gently glide over the skin and stimulate them before and even after the hair removal to reduce the plucking sensation
• With the speed control you adapt the epilation to your individual wishes; Captures and removes even the shortest hair – for long-lasting smooth skin
• Scope of delivery: Braun Silk-épil 3 3270 Epilator Premium Pack white/raspberry

Philips Epilator inch. Bikinitrile & Tweezers-Set (Special Edition) HP6540 / 00, 46 Watt

• Wireless Mini-Epilator for precise results
• Additional portable luxury tweezers with light and mirror
• Efficient epilation system removes hair with the root.
• Extra step for thin hair and hard-to-reach places


If you use these five golden tips, your hair removal is nothing to prevent. Because this type of hair removal is very effective – even if painful.

If you are looking for a cheap, painless alternative, then look at depilatory cream. I use them now just yet.

If you have a bit more budget and want a painless and permanent hair removal, then I can warmly recommend the IPL hair removal.

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