The Rider Lawn Mower !

As soon as spring arrives, nature is awakening and our gardens will require all the attention! However the gardening equipment also requires an interview that should not be neglected.

With milder temperatures, the lawn does not fail to grow vigorously, which causes the gardener to take out his lawn mower after a long winter. Until the end of the autumn, they will be solicited regularly and ask for a special interview to extend their life time and effectiveness to the maximum. Indeed a well-cleaned mower allows a sharper mowing while avoiding that the motor is damaged when residues prevent the rotation of the blades. Given the price of some lawnmowers, it would be a shame not to maintain them properly! Read our best self propelled lawn mower reviews here!

For all those who have chosen a riding mower (or more commonly known as a micro-tractor), cleaning the guard and sharpening the blades all too often resemble the fighter’s course. The question often arises: how to access the blades of the microtractor safely?

If professionals often have suitable lifting tools (lifts, etc.), this can be more problematic for a gardener. The simplest and most secure solution is to use a self-propelled lawn lift jack (also known as a microtractor lift).
The conventional riding levers generally allow the front wheels of the microtractor to be raised by levering by a handle. This system which has proved its worth nevertheless requires a certain force, especially at the beginning,

when it is necessary to give the first leverage. Sport guarantees!
To allow all gardeners to clean their riding lawn mower without suffering aches the next day, there is another type of lifting jack: the lateral riding lawn mower. The principle is to tilt the microtractor to the side after placing the rear wheels on the jack. The effort required is minimal, especially when it comes to a hydraulic system: a few pressures with the foot and the rider is ready for cleaning. Simple and clever!

The position of the machine is stable thanks to a safety crutch which ensures that it does not fall. It is therefore possible to carry out the cleaning and maintenance in complete safety: replacement or sharpening of the blades after mowing, cleaning of the casing by jet or brush, etc.

The hydraulic lift is not very bulky and is discreet until its next use because it will serve you many times with sunny days!

Some safety tips
Before obtaining a self-propelled lift, make sure it is CE approved. The presence of this symbol gives you the guarantee that it complies with the European standards in force.

Do not exceed the maximum lifting weight of the jack, this could damage the equipment, be it the microtractor or the microtractor lift.

Avoid stretching under the microtractor during maintenance. The inclination of the machine makes it possible to work crouching to dimension of this one, especially with a hydraulic lateral lifting hydraulic lifter. No need to take unnecessary risks!

Using the lifting jack for thermal mowers
It is quite possible to use a lifting jack for thermal mowers without damaging them. However, some precautions must be taken, due to the presence of oil and gasoline, which must not mix.

The owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer of the rider describes the usual precautions, in particular for lifting the mower.

However, we can give some general recommendations to avoid any problem and clean your lawnmower safely:
Avoid gas leaks

Do not tilt a mower more than 45 °, otherwise gasoline may escape through the vents of the tank cap. (Self-propelled levers do not incline more than 45 °).
Always to prevent runoff, it is best to lift the rider when the fuel tank is empty.
Avoid mixing oil and gasoline in the carburettor
To avoid mixing between the oil and gasoline in the carburettor, each mower must be turned to one side.
The leaflet of the manufacturer of the rider indicates in the majority of cases which side of the mower should be leaned.
If a person no longer has the record, they can use the following reference points:
Lift on carburetor side. (Carburetor at the top, so oil tank at the bottom)
This is equivalent to lifting the riding car with the candles upwards. In passing, the spark plug cap can be removed to ensure that the blades will not rotate.
With this tool, riding mowers can therefore start the mowing season with serenity.

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