Tips for Sleeping 8 hours in 4 hours

Sleep is an essential part of the human existence. In some ways, its lack has led to serious ailments, even at times leading to death. Because of the numerous commitments, people have, there at times arise the need to shorten the sleep time.

The normal sleep hours for humans are usually 8 hours. Some people have engagements that stretch for long hours that may eat into the regular 8 hours. The question on many people’s mind remains how one can shorten sleep?
Be it as it may, some basic tips can help individuals reduce the number of sleep hours without feeling the burden of insomnia. Reducing sleep hours by 3 hours has been seen to be practical in many ways.

Looking closely, sleeping 4 hours is therefore a reality albeit with some health risks. How? I want to look at how one can sleep 4 hours instead of the eight and still leads a healthy life. The first rule to this, sleep fast and sound.

How to sleep fast and sound!
Some individuals find sleeping hard and may stay awake for half the night. They flip and toss on the bed. Such a scenario is not okay for any person who wants to sleep 4 hours that count for 8. Working on a few elements within your bedroom could be the trick.

What you need to improve your sleep
While sleeping is considered natural, assisting it to come can help significantly. The various factors surrounding its success can at times be necessary to find. Induced sleep may be what we are looking for in this regard. However, all forms of sleep require calm, quiet and comfortable conditions.

Some of the things that can assist in achieving proper sleep include;
1. Mattress- the choice of bed is considered a primary component in healthy sleep. Bad bed mattress then becomes a recipe for back pains – here, sleeplessness which may then impede the aim of sleeping the 4 hours.
Good back support can enable one to have a good sleep. If it is a mattress with coils, look at the back support.Sleeping for 4 hours entails proper back support that ensures undisturbed sleep. Comfort is also another element that must be put into consideration.

The level of comfort required with most beds that fall in this category is to check on the padding. For instance, you may need a bed that has a right combination of a pillow top. It all depends on what makes you comfortable.
2. Sleep Mask- sleep masks play a central role in blocking the eye from light. Many sleep disturbances arise as a result of frequent exposure to light in the sleeping area. The need to sleep during the day can also arise, making face mask use mandatory.

The choice of the right sleep mask, therefore, comes handy in solving this problem. Using sleep masks ensures you sleep immediately you go to bed. It can be an essential ingredient in shortening sleep hours yet achieving the refreshed and relaxed state.

Apart from choosing one that conforms to your taste, the sleep mask needs to be light and light proof as well. Ensure that the material used is not irritating to you as that can disturb your sleep. Take the case of the sweet dreams mask which has both the style and the components for a 4-hour sleep.

3. Air Purifier- contaminates in the air can at times cause irritation and make sleep impossible. Air purifiers help in ensuring that the room air is clean through a systematic cleaning process. For those who have allergies, the use of an air purifier can be the solution to achieving perfect sleep.

As it is the norm, sleep disturbances may not work well if you have a limited amount of time to rest. The primary component of any good air purifier, in this case, is to cool the room, ensure the conditions are ideal for sound sleep.

Depending on the user preferences, there are several brands of air purifiers in the market. These are in the form of purifying gels, diffusers and humidifiers work just to the likes of the user. Others are also electronic products that collaborate with these gels and diffusers to achieve optimum bedroom conditions.

4. Massage Pillow- pillows help in giving the neck and the head support during sleep. While the traditional pillow may be available in the form of fabric, the market has seen the emergence of better sleep accessories like the massage pillows.

While the massage pads exist, the choice of which of them works in helping you relax and sleep better is what determines the success of your 4-hour sleep. Take the case of the Shiatsu back massager, neck massager, foot massager and kneading massage Pillow that is widely used in sleep therapy.
With a heating capacity, the heated neck massager will help give that soothing effect, essential for good sleep. Apart from being effective, it is considered convenient as well in dealing with issues of power requirements as it has a DC supply.

5. Yoga and Gym – while most people view exercise as a means of achieving the perfect body, it has some effect on how fast and sounds you can sleep. Deep sleep which is what yoga brings is what you need in the 4 hours of sleep.
While weight and stress management are some of the benefits of yoga and gym exercises, rest depends entirely on the two. Weight can be a detrimental factor in sleep. Stress is one of the leading causes of Insomnia “lack of sleep” that yoga and gym can help reduce insomnia cases.

6. Bed Phone-certain sounds can also assist in achieving speedy sleep. For those who need earphones to play music while asleep, the choices of comfortable appliances remain primary. One feature that these headphones have is the aspect of being thin, light and safe.

As they tucked in bed, ensure the headphones are safe for your use in sleep. Take the example of the Bedphones Gen. 3 On-Ear Sleep Headphones sold in the market as a sleep enhancement accessory.
Priding itself as the thinnest, most comfortable earphones for Sleeping, it may just be a good pick. Additionally, its recommended use in other sectors like air travel shows the level of trust it has built over time.

Not achieving good sleep has been associated with serious health problems. It is in this regard that research points out that Sleeping 4 hours may not be good for your health. However, in instances that require less sleep, achieving the phase of deep sleep can help.
Though it may involve a lot, sleeping 4 hours becomes easy as the body gets to adjust to the routine. In spite of all that, it is still a recommendation that one takes siestas at intervals to pay for the lost sleep time. Whatever the case, achieving good sleep in 54 hours is possible.

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