What are essential models for less than 100 dollars ?

We know it, and we do not want to recognize it: throughout our lifelong lives we have spent and consumed more pairs of headphones than sneakers. With the total of this constant dripping, we could buy a high-end velvet upholstery with lacquered sequoia lining. But, either by ignorance or by routine, we still wear helmets that do not end up bringing happiness to our ears: either they are too crude to run with them, or have something that does not convince.

We want good headphones, and the extreme competition has conditioned the prices until making real jewels accessible. This is the best time. But voracious competition has created a handicap difficult to solve: what to choose? Find out 3 best headphones under 100 here:
Previous considerations

Before we drop our dollars and end up regretting the process, we should ask ourselves a series of questions about the different subfamilies of headsets: do we want them with a button or a diadem? Will we go out with them or will they be connected to the PC at all times? Wireless or with several meters of cable? Will we watch TV, play video games, or even dedicate to producing music?

By these questions, for this guide we have chosen to focus attention on hearing aids dedicated to listening to music, with no emphasis on specific styles or genres: that they offer a balanced performance, do not excessively color or distort or ridiculously reduce the signal and its usability Outdoors is efficient. To avoid a certain bias, we publish seven products from seven different brands.
They are within the family of the semi-closed / closed, which in other words translates as that we barely escape sound and the noise we receive from the outside is either very dim or invaluable. All conform to minimum requirements – OFC or oxygen free cable, with a wire from 1.1 meters, updated standard plugins – and are currently available in any online shop or specialized store.

SuperLux HD681B

SuperLux is part of Avlex Corporation, a Kansas City-based company that has been delivering mid-range headphones at truly competitive prices for just over a decade. The 681 series is perhaps a serious candidate for the throne of the (pre) HiFi Diadema, especially the ‘B’ model. The difference on the ‘F’ model is that it slightly colors the basses and enhances some media, giving an extra brightness to the response against the flat frequency of its near relative. On the other hand, the 681 version was considered to be the most attractive for the customer, but its increase in the bass is too artificial after half an hour.

This ‘B’ model comes with an additional advantage: its circumaural design responds better in public environments, for example, the Evo BK or WH, slightly redesigned and semi-open, letting some more noise go by. They are, on the other hand, subtly heavier than the original model -276 grams versus 220-. For less than 30 euros we have some of the best helmets on the market; There are those who employ them to produce music in home studios, and in podcasting and amateur radio. Its nominal power is enormous (300 mW) and, in contrast to the HD668B, it fits better the handling and the passage of time. In Amazon, you find them for 40 euros.
• Impedance 32 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 98 dB / mW
• Response Range 10-30,000 Hz

Sound MAGIC E10S

Here is the other side of the coin. This company from Hong Kong has not had ten years with us and has already been able to design a solid line of headphones , reaping awards wherever it has completed. In fact, the iteration of 2012 ‘E10VBK’ received from What HiFi! The award for the best product.
Neither its design nor its packaging is particularly attractive, the head is fixed, and the input of the 3.5mm jack is no longer gold plywood, but the performance is beyond doubt: solid bass over a warm equalization, clear highs and balanced media And with enough depth.

The acoustic dampener isolates from any noise and, as usual, has cushions in three sizes. Its microphone and the remote control are compatible with almost any current model of smartphone, and its scarce 11 grams are ideal to hang them and to leave fired. Compared to the Sony mid-range – with special emphasis on the EX450 – or its rivals from the Sennheiser CX series, the SoundMAGICs demonstrate a lower but higher depth of response and warmth and, above all, long-term performance. At Amazon, they can be yours for 45 euros.
• Impedance 16 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 101 dB / mW
• Response Range 15-22,000 Hz

Sony MDR-ZX310

Sony could not miss it here. While the best years have passed, some of the best sounds of the industry continue to operate under its umbrella. And what Sony does here is a real engineering exercise: it applies what has been learned in the V range and applies it to the ZX series: compact design and balanced weight, mid-long-term performance and a certain range of personalization, The finished color. Without reaching the excellence of the ZX610 and especially the 660AP, these supra-aural helmets are optimal for both open spaces and prolonged listening in cafes or indoors.

It is clear that Sony appeals to a very wide variety to differentiate for a few euros. In this way, it segments its target and ensures a permanence in any series. The V55 has a wider dynamic range (from 5 Hz to 25 KHz) and greater sensitivity and responsiveness, and the new series of this year like the 770 offer practically absolute noise cancellation, but if you are looking for a comfortable headset, Versatile and that complies, this 310 is a model more than recommended, a five-star easy to find below 25 euros .

• Impedance 24 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 98 dB / mW
• Response Range 10-24,000 Hz

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