What should we note when losing weight?

Weight Loss

Losing weight does not mean that you do not eat anything and wait for the lower number on the scale. To safely lose weight, you must have a combination of scientific diet and do exercise. The problem is how the scientific diet is? What should we eat too quickly lose weight? You can find the key is in 3 Week Diet, The 2, Week Diet By Brian Flatt, Old School New Body, Eat Stop Eat- The New Expanded Version.

There are many effective methods to help you face to your weight, but no matter what method that you choose, you should pay an attend on some tips:

Three main meals

Breakfast is the queen: Most of the people think when losing weight, eat as less as possible. Therefore, they tend to forget the breakfast. However, the fact is if you do not have breakfast, you will eat more in the lunch to provide energy for the body. According to research breakfast is the most important meal of a day. Breakfast will full of your empty stomach after a long time of night time as well as provide you the energy to work all day. Moreover, if you combine the diet with doing exercise, you can not forget breakfast.

Lunch is the prince: you should not eat too much at the lunch, just a reasonable amount. Vegetables and fruits should be considered as the first option and fat, and fast food is limited.

Dinner is a beggar: It means you should have dinner with as less food as possible, especially, the fatty food should be eliminated from the list in this meal. The reason is you will not work much at night, this increase in the amount of excess fat leading to overweight. With lunch and dinner, to get the best result, you can use some foods such as peanuts, olive oil, pear, tomato and so on to help you quickly lose weight.

– Should not apply a severe diet: In fact, if you are too strict with your diet, in some situation, the diet does not help you lose weight but increase weight. Believe me! I had experience about this. Moreover, a severe diet has a bad effect your health. Therefore, you can quickly lose your weight, but be patient. Your efforts will receive a worthy result.

The diet with Fiber and Carbohydrates

The foods which contain fiber and carbohydrate are your key to finding questions about losing weight.


For a long time, it had been considered as the burn-belly-fat and good digestion foods. Vegetable, fruits are a rich source of fiber. However, there are some notes for fiber using:

– Do not consume too much fiber: You will get the phenomenon of belch, flatulence, cramp and mineral deficiency. You just need 31 to 38 grams for men and 12 to 28 grams for women.

– Choose some vegetable, fruits such as apple, oranges, bok choy and so on. These foods are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin which provide enough energy for our body and do not cause overweight.


The function of this substance is accumulating water in muscles and liver, which does not allow fat to form. However, you should not abuse this way.

– A suitable amount of carbohydrate is about 37% out of a number of calories brought into your body.

– We just consume carbohydrate before eating about 30 minutes.

The diet with seafood and eggs.

It sounds crazy, but does not worry. With a reasonable amount and the right method, you can lose weight with this healthy diet.

In fact, seafood will provide protein and Calcium, not fat. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the existence of seafood in your list. However, you should take some notes below:

– Do not use fried seafood; you should eat some dishes such as soup, boiled, steamed, baked seafood.

– Combine seafood soup with vegetable to increase the result of losing weight method.

The egg is a familiar food and available in every family. Do not be afraid of this lovely food, according to a research in an international magazine, eating two eggs a day can help you reduce the time for losing weight  65% faster than using other foods. Having breakfast with eggs instead of cereals can provide you more energy and make you eat less at lunch. Scientists show that eating eggs reduces the amount of the hormone ghrelin (kind of hormone makes us feel hungry) and increases hormone PYY3-36 which makes us feel full.

Don’t Sleep Much

Sleeping too much makes you lazy, negatively impacting weight loss. According to Coophomegoods.com, you should spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to exercise, and only sleep 6-8 hours a day. The rest of the time should be for outdoor activities.


Besides weighing-lost foods, what should we drink to lose weight quickly? My answer is water- a familiar and efficient kind of drink. A glass of water can create the feeling of fullness, and make you eat less. Besides, water is also used to detoxify, smooth skin and cool our body. You should drink water as this instructor:

– After waking up about 10 minutes, you can drink a glass of warm water. It can help purify the body and effectively lose weight.

– Besides, do not forget to drink water before lunch and dinner to create the feeling of fullness. Water not only helps you not consume food too much, but also remove toxins from the body.

Coming with drinking water, alcoholic drink and the stimulus should be cut. They only harm to your liver, kidney, stomach, but also a reason for overweight. Therefore, remove these things from your diet is an excellent method that you should do to reach the target quickly.

In conclusion, these are some notes that you should consider when losing weight. Besides some notes, you should combine a healthy diet and exercise to have the best result. Moreover, Lean Belly Breakthrough is also a good product supporting you in this battle with the weight.

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